About Raven

I write about cuckolding, kink, spanking, and whatever else excites me. I love connecting with my readers and try to respond to everyone. I'm at raven@kumquatpublishing.com.

My non-writing time is spent with my husband and son and being a part-time couples therapist. I never write about my patients but I do occasionally get inspired by them. 

My books aren't for everyone and I don't take that personally. Read for yourself to find out!

About Alexandra

Alexandra Noir is a registered relationship counselor and social worker. She’s always had dirty fantasies locked inside of her mind and now loves experiencing them and writing about them for you. Her free time often consists of BDSM play where she submits to men that can bring her to places most women only dream of. Every so often though, she finds herself on the other side of the flogger and can bring a man to his knees as well, and he's always happy to be there.