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The Bundles!


Why buy a single story when you can get them in bundles? Each of these has at least two series or six short stories!

Hotwife and Cuckold Bedtime Mega Bundle

By Raven Merlot and Alexandra Noir

Sometimes your husband is not enough. Hopefully he understands this, and supports you in getting the pleasure you need. This is the sweet kind of cuckolding. There is a husband who loves you and wants you to be sexually satisfied, even if it isn’t with him.

These twelve bedtime stories are for those times when you want to be physically taken care of by a man who knows exactly what your body needs while being loved by a man who is committed to you no mater what. 

Raven Merlot's Spanking Tales Vol 1-4

By Raven Merlot and Diana Kemp

Raven Merlot is a real-life spanking enthusiast and she is proud to present this series of spanking stories. Getting regular spankings is an important part of her marriage. Sometimes it is elaborate and includes role play. Raven loves being told what a bad girl she is. It can also be casual; over her husband’s knee is a great position to watch reruns of The Office from!

Whether you are a spanking aficionado, just curious, or someone who wishes they could experience the sting of a lover’s hand on your ass, Raven is happy to have you join her in her fantasies. 

Cuckold Erotica Bundle #2
Cuckolded in Couples Counseling and
Paying My Cuckold Husband's Debts

Real life cuckoldress Raven Merlot is proud to present two of her cuckolding series in one exciting package! Included in this ebook are Raven Merlot's third and fourth cuckolding series!

Cuckolded in Couples Counseling

Unorthodox psychologist Dr. Wayne has the perfect solution for marital problems: cuckold therapy! 

Real life cuckoldress, Raven Merlot, is proud to present her newest series: Cuckolded in Couples Counseling!

Julie and Trey come to fix their marriage after an ugly incident in which Trey’s infidelity is discovered. Julie feels unattractive, neglected and betrayed after ten years of marriage and two children. Dr. Wayne says “Freudian” theory suggests she needs to cheat on Trey and get the revenge sex her ego/id craves. 

Paying My Cuckold Husband's Debts

What happens when you’re an alpha male but you can’t pay your bills? Antonio’s solution is to go get drunk and get laid by a stranger—all at the expense of his long-suffering wife Abigail. But after Antonio meets mystery woman Jennifer, he gets an indecent proposal. Jennifer and her husband have the solution to Antonio’s financial problems but they want a piece of his soul in return – namely the sexual services of his wife! 

Antonio laughs the deal off…until his wife tells him that she’s willing to sign a contract and perform, IF it will solve their debt crisis. What follows is a shocking journey into sexual depravity, where macho man Antonio will have to unlearn his big ego and watch his wife surrender herself to one orgasmic experience after another at the hands of men she'll be dreaming about for the rest of her life. The psychological torments he must endure mount through each encounter as he discovers what it means to be truly cuckolded by his wife, inside and out. 

Cuckold Erotica Bundle #1
Cuckolds in Paradise 
and Cuckolding My Billionaire Husband

Real life cuckoldress Raven Merlot is proud to present two of her cuckolding series in one exciting package! Included in this ebook are Raven Merlot's second and third cuckolding series. 

Cuckolds in Paradise

"Eden Redux" is a tropical swingers resort where people come to make their most forbidden fantasies come true. Kate and Eli came to fulfill their long held dream of getting knocked up, and they’ll get help from every man on the island before they are done. In their sexual relationship, Kate is the boss. She has no qualms about lining up men to give her pleasure while her husband watches, encouraging them and telling her how much he loves her.

Cuckolding My Billionaire Husband

John is like every other billionaire: arrogant, domineering, insatiable, and entitled. He's so entitled that he believes he can get away with infidelity! But when his wife, Rebecca, catches him with his secretary she delivers an ultimatum that he never expected: If he gets to cheat, so does she!

Little do either of them realize that watching Rebecca with another man would turn on John more than anything else he'd ever experienced. After watching this he becomes obsessed with his wife and with her finding the pleasure that she deserves.