Two Cuckolding Series!

Get two of Raven's newest cuckolding series in this one bundle! Included is The Bad Boy Bull Who Saved Our Marriage and The Dorm's Hotwife MILF.


In The Bad Boy Bull Who Saved Our Marriage:


John and Stephanie are haven't had much sex lately. John will be the first to admit it’s probably because he’s having a not-so-secret affair with Stephanie’s best friend, Christa. 

He likes to be the man-in-charge in his house but he makes the mistake of his life when he meets Connor, a bull on the Internet who’s very willing to turn John’s taboo cuckold fantasies into reality. John has his rules and demands…but Connor wants to play the game on his terms. 

“The Bad Boy Bull Who Saved My Marriage” is a cuckold erotica series that will tantalize you at every turn. As Connor slowly takes John's place as the man of the house we can watch the faux-dominant that John pretended to be morph into the cuckold that has always been there. 


Kelly and Annie Doll had made it through the rain. They loved each other, had their own home, and their son was getting a good education at a nearby college. They preferred a life with few risks and surprises and that is exactly what they had. At least, that's what they thought that they wanted.


When their son brings home is dorm roommate his parents are more than a little unnerved. They aren't racists but their conservative suburban life didn't bring them into much contact with black people. Annie can barely remember the last time she interacted with a man as big, black, and attractive as Steven's roommate, Jeremiah. 


When Jeremiah makes a pass at her Annie is as shocked as she is secretly flattered. She had never thought of herself as overly attractive but when Jeremiah deems here a "MILF," she accepts his offer. It isn't long before Jeremiah is taking her mature, hot body to levels she can't even imagine. But Jeremiah is a gentleman at heart and it isn't too long before he feels the need to share with his friends. Annie's husband eventually learns to enjoy hearing about his wife's adventures but they both live in fear that their son will discover that his mom is actually a slut for black men.


BDSM Short Stories!

Alexandra Noir writes what she lives. She's a therapist by day and devoted kinkster by night. She's committed not merely to letting you into her wild imagination but to give you a window into the intense feelings and intimacy that occur in real BDSM relationships.

In BDSM Bedtime Stories Volume 1 you get five kinky stories about male dominance and female submission. For some of the women in these stories, submitting to a man is what they've always wanted. For others, they didn't know they needed it until it was already happening. No matter they ended up at their Masters' feet, it is where they belong. 

In Her Master's Voice Mary has always been an obedient wife and her husband, Jason, always gave her what she needed. But as time has gone on Mary has become too complacent in her submission to her husband. He decides to remedy this, and to pass on some of his wisdom to a young friend, Marcus. Between the two of them, they stand a decent chance of putting Mary back her in place. 

In A Dom in Shining Armor Liz expects a little drama out of life, especially since she owns an adult toy shop. However, being harassed by someone whose brother is on the town's corrupt police force makes her life a living hell…until Erik appears. He's at her shop, searching for a few quality supplies but finds a petite beauty being cornered by a town bully. After a few questions and a lot of chemistry, Erik vows to stop the corruption and privately usher in a much more spicy atmosphere. Her relief at having a man protect her is shocking to this independent business woman, but it's nothing compared to how she'll feel when he starts claiming her as his own. 

In Taming the Bitch Boss Nina has quite the cold, hard bitch reputation and proudly terrorizes her small team of sales reps. On the job, she looks forward to manipulating, but nights have become boring. Thoughts of luring meek males leads to her creation of a fake profile on a popular kink site. She sprinkles in her 'soul crusher' mantra and challenges anyone to cross her. She has no idea that the half-brother of one of her employees also uses the same site to meet women who need an attitude adjustment.

Right away, Damian knows she's a poser and challenges her. Once he puts it all together and realizes that she's been putting his sister through hell, he forms a plan to crush a bitch. Nina agrees to meet him, confident that she'll have him shaking in fear and desire. Instead, she discovers an alpha male who loves challenges and toppling bitches off their thrones. 

In Submission on the High Seas Zoe Rigley has worked hard to be a crew member on the Fanta~Seas, a 178-foot charter yacht, but Kyle Wittenberg, a bad boy Dom, has something hard he'd rather have her work on. He doesn't care who witnesses his wild and naughty behavior. One thing is on his mind—driving her fantasies to new heights. He's not the only one who has Zoe on his radar, though. When she gets between a jealous thief and Kyle's wallet, Zoe has officially messed with a member of an elite group of kinky bastards!